Traveling in Style at the Boston Harbor Hotel

Arch of the Boston Harbor Hotel
Boston, the capital of the state of Massachusetts, and home to the Boston Harbor Hotel, is one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in the United States. Not only does it have a lively economic life, but it is also a hub for educational and cultural development. It is home to a number of cultural centers, theaters, and opera houses too, making it a prime location for artistic groups such as dance companies and orchestras.

Boston Harbor Hotel Lobby with Flowers

If you would like to get more than just a taste of contemporary art and culture in a vibrant setting, Boston is definitely a city one of the best cities to visit, and you can stay in the Boston Harbor Hotel when you’re there. It is strategically located along Rowes Wharf, which lends it a special charm. Guests can enjoy the view as well as the many small shops and cafes situated in the area. The sound of the waves and the relaxing breeze, combined with the pleasant ambiance of the hotel, provide a relaxing atmosphere for anyone looking for a quick escape.

Harbor View Room

Accommodations at the Boston Harbor Hotel are anything but ordinary. Whether you decide to stay in a one-bedroom suite or in any of the special suites, you are assured of having access to an impressive view of the harbor or of the city skyline. Each of the rooms is well-appointed and includes all of the comforts of a luxury hotel. You will never get bored as well, as each room has its own set of modern comforts, such as an entertainment system, access to phone lines, as well as Internet access.

Harbor View Suite

Of course, you can expect a little more if you decide to check into one of the hotel’s special suites. The Harbor View Center Suite, for instance, provides more space with its two bedrooms and its own sitting room. This is an excellent spot for taking in the view of Boston Harbor. Its counterpart, the City View Center Suite, is equally impressive and elegantly decorated.

Taking accommodations to the highest level means staying at the Presidential Suite. Aside from the opulent furnishings and spacious area, you will enjoy a number of extras, as well as your own butler to attend to your requests. However, it is worth noting that there is no such thing as an ordinary guest at this hotel, because all guests can expect excellent service, as evidenced by the nightly turndown as well as transportation assistance provided to all guests.

Meritage restaurant located in the Boston Harbor Hotel.
Such comforts can only be matched with a sumptuous dining experience. The Boston Harbor Hotel is home to three restaurants which are well-known for their excellent selections which can satisfy any craving.

Enjoying fine accommodations does not necessarily have to be prohibitive. The Boston Harbor Hotel offers competitive rates as well as special packages to meet the different needs of its guests. Treat your family this summer by availing of the Summer Family Fun Package and enjoy refreshments for the entire family, as well as tickets to an event that everyone will enjoy. You need not bring everyone along to enjoy great rates, though, because you can get good packages during the summer anyway.

Boston Skyline at night as seen from hotel.
You can also choose from various other packages, depending on your preference. For instance, if you wish to take advantage of your vacation to do some shopping, you might find the Louis Ultimate Shopping Experience or the Barneys Shopping Experience Package quite attractive. Go all out with the Five Stars on the Harbor Package for an ultimately luxurious stay. You  can also let your pet join in on the fun by availing of the Luxe Pups Package. Your dog will undergo the best in doggie salon treatment!

There are a number of other packages, so you are sure to find one which suits you perfectly. If you can’t find one that addresses your specific situation, then you’ll be glad to know that the hotel also offers special weekend rates that anyone can avail of. Visit website for latest offers.

One of several meeting rooms.
If you think that business and pleasure should never mix, then think again. The Boston Harbor Hotel is, after all, situated in a prime location within the city of Boston and is a convenient venue for business meetings and events. Aside from having enough space and facilities to accommodate around 500 participants, the hotel also prides itself on being able to host corporate functions impeccably well. Simply discuss your requirements with the hotel personnel.

View from the water of the Boston Harbor Hotel.
You may be hesitant about planning your getaway in such a busy city as Boston. However, staying at the Boston Harbor Hotel may just provide all of the relaxation and pampering you need, while still keeping you in touch with the rest of the world.  Photo provided by the property.

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers: Where Business and Pleasure Meet

Boston is perhaps the busiest city in Massachusetts and if you happen to end up here make sure that you are able to maximize your experience by selecting a luxury hotel. The Boston Park Plaza Hotel is certainly one of your best bets. It is quite near the airport, as well as a couple of parks and commercial and business districts. Everything is – almost literally – just a stone’s throw away.

Entrance of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
Not only is it an excellent location for the business-minded, it is also a great place to visit for those with cosmopolitan sensibilities. All of this modernity, combined with the rich history of the location, gives it an air of sophistication and elegance which only adds to its appeal.

King guest room at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
The hotel has over 900 rooms, and each of these include classic and well-crafted furnishings. Not only do these rooms provide maximum comfort, but they are also quite dependable in terms of function. All of the resources and equipment you will need to stay connected, such as data ports, phone lines with voice mail capabilities, and Internet access are provided.

Boston Park Plaza garden suite.
For an extra touch of luxury, you might want to try out the suites. The Presidential Suite, for instance, has three bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also has its own refrigerator and is elegantly furnished and equipped with the best entertainment equipment.

As a guest at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, you can rest assured that your needs will be addressed, whether they have something to do with transportation, laundry, grooming, or other concerns. If you want to keep yourself active and have a quick workout before starting a busy day, all you have to do is pop into the gym. It is open 24 hours, so you need not be pressured to arrive at a specific time just to get your dose of physical exertion.  Visit Hotel Website

The hotel is home to nine different restaurants to cater to your every craving. If you wake up hungry in the middle of the night, though, you need not fret because the In-Room Dining service is available at all hours.

Packages and Offers at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Not only is the Boston Park Plaza Hotel well-known for its impeccable facilities and services, but it is also recognized for its many packages and offers which cater to a wide variety of clients. It seems that there is a special package available for almost every person, from cycling enthusiasts going on bike tours to those who are just checking out the educational institutions in Boston.

Why not treat someone from your family or your dearest group of friends on their birthday? There is a special rate for this type of package, too! On the other hand, if you are visiting Boston for tourism, then it might be good for you to decide on which trips you will be taking before making an inquiry at the hotel.

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel also has special packages for those going on very specific tours, such as that for the Children’s Museum, Freedom Trail, or Museum of Fine Arts. There is even a special offer for spa enthusiasts! Simply approach the hotel personnel, and you can bet that they’ll have a special package that will suit your preferences and purposes.

If you are staying at the hotel as a government or military employee on special business, don’t forget to bring your identification card so that you can avail of the special privileges and discounts for government and military personnel.

Boston Park Georgian meeting room.
The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers is definitely an ideal location for your next big meeting or seminar. It goes beyond simply providing ample space for you and your participants. More info on Boston.

More important than this is the hotel’s ability to provide all of the necessary tools to make your meeting or conference successful. It offers special presentation services which can help make your audio-visual presentations even more effective, aside from providing complete facilities for all of your business requirements.

Ball room setup for a wedding reception.
It doesn’t mean, however, that the hotel is not capable of transforming into the most romantic venue for your dream wedding. In fact, the ballrooms, with their lovely chandeliers and huge windows, are perfect for such occasions. The hotel also has its own team of events organizers which can help you come up with the wedding and reception you have always dreamt of.

So the next time you find yourself in Boston looking for a venue for a special event or just trying to choose a comfortable and elegant hotel for a quick getaway, remember that you can’t go wrong with the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers.  Photos provided by hotel.