Gadget Review: Ventev Powercell 10000+ and Powercell 6000c Portable Battery Chargers

Ventev powercell 10000+ All-In-One Portable Charger Review

My first thought of the Ventev PowerCell 10000+ was "This thing is heavy"...  Then I realized that it replaces three must have items in my carry-on bag.  It would replace my transformer block that has high and low amperage USB outlets.  No more need to carry two cables, a USB to Lightning for my iPad, and a USB to Micro USB for my camera and other gadgets.  And I can leave my Anker 10000 mAh battery at home.  My normal power and charging gear for traveling.

Here you can see all the normal power/charging stuff I take need to carry.  It weighs in at 13.6 ounces.  The Ventev PowerCell 10000+, that provides all the same functionality weighs only 10.6 ounces.  Doesn't sound like much of a difference, but every little bit adds up when you are on the road.  Here are some output specs: Lightning cable 2.4A / Micro USB 1.8A / USB outlet 5V, 1.0A.  Not shown in my photos is the standard USB outlet on the back.

Ventev Powercell 10000+ Battery & Cables & Wall Charger

Here you can see the size of the unit when compared to a AA battery.  It isn't small but if I could measure the volume of my old power gear I'm sure it would come in much larger than this combo device.  Just like the AC plug the two power cables store nicely on the side of the unit when not in use.  Note that the Lightning charge cable may not work with some iPhone or iPad cases due to its size.  When plugged into an AC outlet for charging the PowerCell 1000+ came back to 100% charge just as fast as any other battery of this size I've used in the past. 

Ventev Powercell 10000+ Review

A digital display is provided to see the current state of the batter.  A power button beside the display turns on the charging feature.  The unit did a good job of charging my devices.  With the battery at 100% charge I plugged in my iPad Mini 4 and a HTC One Android phone for charging.  My iPad was at 38% and my phone at  48%  and I went to bed.  I did NOT TURN OFF my iPad or Phone, or place them in airplane mode for fastest charging.  In the morning I found the iPad and phone fully charged and the remaining battery charge at 44%.  Note:  If the PowerCell 10000+ had been plugged into an AC outlet it is designed to first charge the devices that are plugged in and then recharge it's internal battery. 

Ventev Powercell 6000c Portable Battery Charger Review

The folks at Ventev also sent me a Powercell 6000c for review.   Due to the smaller 6000mAh battery this portable charger is much smaller and lighter than the previous device.  When you first pick it up in its retail packaging it feels very heavy due to the plastic package but the unit weighs only 7 ounces.  Unlike the soft touch rubber feel of the 10000+ above this one has a metal case.  A four LED display shows it's charge level.   For my personal needs this 6000 mAh is better than my old, larger 10,000 mAh battery pack.

Ventev Powercell 6000c Charger

The 6000c came with an integrated Apple Lightning connector and a 5v 2.4A (12w) output specification.  The unit is also available with a Mirco USB connector.  The cable on this connector is much more flexible than on the 10000+ above.  Note that this Lightning charge cable may not fit some iPhones or iPads while in their cases.   This charger works with my iPad Mini case, but the 1000+ above has a larger plug and would not fit. 

Ventev Powercell 6000c Review

It charged at about the same rate as other batteries I have of this type.  You will see above that next to the Micro USB charging port is a USB outlet with a rating of 5V, 1A(5w).  In my test the Powercell 6000c charged my iPad Mini from 25% back to full charge overnight with appx 25% power remaining in the charger.  Note that my WiFi only iPad Mini was turned on while it was charging.  For faster charging turn your device off or place it in airplane mode.

Pros:  Well built units.  Perform as expected.  

Cons:  Charging cables may not fit your Apple device while in a case.

Matlali Hotel & Resort, Tour / Review of Suite 330, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Matlai Hotel / Resort, Logo

Matlali is a unique modern hotel / resort overlooking Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta, in the Punta Mita area of Mexico.  This property is a combination of 42 beautifully appointed villas and suites surrounding a main building with a restaurant and pools. 

Entrance Road

A beautifully landscaped private road takes you into the Matlali resort complex.  The lush vegetation  separates the villas, keeping them isolated and private.  Security gate at entrance restricts access.

Exterior of Matlali Hotel / Resort

The modern hotel's suites are located in a large building located at the top of the valley looking out over the rest of the resort and Banderas Bay.  

Dining Living Room area of Suite 330, Matlali Hotel

Suite #330 is a two bedroom suite with lots of room for a family of three or four to relax.  It includes a large living/dining area, small kitchen with bar, two bathrooms, and a large balcony with plunge pool. 

Living Room Area of Matlali Hotel

The living room area is comfortable and well appointed.  It is a great spot to enjoy the view while staying inside with the air conditioning when the window wall is closed.

Living Room of Suite 330 of Matlali Hotel, Puerto Vallarta

The kitchen is small and efficient.  The staff will help you fill the full size refrigerator.  The management suggests you Do Not Drink the tap water.  Bottles of water are supplied in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Plunge Pool on Balcony at Matlali Hotel, PV Mexico

The plunge pool on the private terrace quickly became my favorite spot for letting the time pass by.  And the outside dining table was used much more than the table inside.  With the fast WiFi provided by the hotel, this spot became an office.

Sitting area on balcony of Suite 330 Matlali Hotel

A long nap is the best use for this quiet spot on the balcony.  Sometimes doing nothing can be hard work, and you need a rest!

Master Bedroom of Suite 330 Matlali Hotel

The large master bedroom has a very comfortable mattress with soft, smooth sheets.  Before I arrived the room had been sprayed with a sweet perfume, which was not to my liking.  Ladies may enjoy it.

Small balcony off of master bedroom

The master has a window wall that opens out to a small but usable balcony. 

Master bathroom area.

Large sliding doors in the master bedroom open to the bathroom area.  These large doors can be closed for visual privacy, but they don't quiet the noise that might be made.  As you can see, across the hall, a second small bathroom is provided. 

Guest room of suite 330 Matlali Hotel

Both TVs in the master bedroom and in the living room had good reception.  The desk was comfortable, but when I needed a desk, I used the table on the main terrace. 

Natural pool in the valley of resort

The Matlali has several pools.  This one is located deep inside a valley on the resort's property, a short walk from the villas and suites.  It blends effortlessly into the forested valley setting.  Of the pools provided, this was my favorite. 

Main pool area of Matlali Hotel / Resort

Just off the main building is this set of two pools surrounded by lots of lounge chairs and umbrellas. 

Pool side bar area.

Adjacent to one of the central pools is a small bar.  It was quiet during my visit, but it looked like the pools had plenty of space to handle a full hotel.

Gym area at the hotel.

The Matlali has a small but well equipped gym for guests who want to work up a sweat. 

Tennis & Basketball courts at Matlali

Feel like a little game of basketball or tennis?  The resort offers both. 

Path on the Matlali property

A beautiful walking path connects the various pools and sports courts on the property. 

Restaurant at the Matlali Hotel / Resort Puerto Vallarta

The hotel provided me with two meals, dinner and breakfast, in the restaurant at Matlali.  Enjoyed both of these meals.  Quality was excellent and service was very good.   

Restaurant & bar at beach that Matlali runs.

The hotel offers a shuttle that will take you down to the water and to Matlali's beach club.  This club is run by the same owners that operate the hotel, and must be taken advantage of.  

Hotel has great beach side services.

The club is just a 10 minute shuttle ride from the main resort.  The bar serves a delicious menu of tacos, local fresh catch of the day, and the required margaritas.  Now this is the way to spend your day!

Beach chairs at Matlali beach club.

Mexico's beaches are beautiful, and the waves here are minimal and great for swimming.  On the other side of the Bay is Puerto Vallarta.  Matlali is actually located in Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico just a short drive north of PV.  If you are interested in the region, here is their website

Spa bungalows at Matlali hotel.

Matlali offers guests Makawe Spa with four treatment rooms, two of which can accommodate couples. 

Matlali offers a variety of spa services.

Spa services are based on local Indian cultures.  Signature treatment is the Hikuri Therapy.  During my stay I did not try the spa.

Evening view Puerto Vallarta from hotel.

For more information on this hotel and its services, visit their website

Balcony plunge pool after dark.

Ended my day here in the private plunge pool on my terrace.   The lights of Puerto Vallarta can be seen twinkling in the distance.

One of several villas on the property.

This is one of several luxurious private villas that are available.  Note: This property provided the writer one night's accommodations and two meals.

Matlali Hotel & Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Matlali is a beautiful, modern resort just waiting for those who are looking for a relaxing getaway.  It is more of a condo/villa resort providing the services of a traditional hotel.  They take very good care of their guests.  The separate beach club is a great amenity and shouldn't be overlooked.

The Cromwell Hotel, Tour/Review of Room #526, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

The Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas, Exterior

The Cromwell boutique hotel shook things up on the Las Vegas Strip when they open last year.  In a place of massive new hotels with thousands of rooms and a maze of hallways the Cromwell is a beautiful, small casino hotel in the heart of the Vegas Strip.  The property is manageable in size and has almost everything a top notch Strip hotel should have.  One thing that really sets this place apart are the two nightclubs;  Drai’s Beach Club  and Drai's After Hours Club. 

Lobby of the Cromwell Hotel

The hotel's lobby is small and simple.  With only 188 rooms, a small check-in desk is all you need.  If you are driving yourself, getting into the Cromwell can be a bit of a puzzle.  It's located at the corner of South Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo; you want to enter the parking garage from the Flamingo side and then follow the signs to the valet/entrance.  

Hallway of Cromwell Hotel

This cool new hotel is almost over the top, but just before it seems a bit much, you remind yourself you're in Vegas! 

Guest Room of Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

Room 526 felt a bit small, but that was due to all the luxurious furniture in the room.  It is a Luxury King room with a large comfortable sofa and chair and plenty of style. They call the decor "Parisian-inspired" not sure I get the French connection, but the rooms are very modern with a mix of old and new touches. 

Guest Room of Cromwell Hotel

The room was quiet; couldn't hear my neighbors, but it was mid week and it might be different on a busy, high energy Las Vegas weekend.  The Cromwell bed was very comfortable, and the linens were nice and soft.  The rooms heating / AC was very quiet and easily controlled.  Lamps beside the bed provide very little reading light.  No clock radio or alarm.

In room makeup table.

The dedicated makeup mirror with great lighting was a very nice touch.  It should be noted that the WiFi was very slow.

Guest Room bathroom in Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

The bath was small but efficient.  No separate toilet area.  Plenty of towels and nice amenities manufactured by Muk.  Shower only, no bathtub.  The shower bench was handy, and the mirrored wall inside the shower was interesting (more on that later).

Guest room at the Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

Here you can see the interesting mix of furnishings - a modern lamp next to a purple velvet wing-back chair, next to a heavy metal studded cabinet.  A small issue with this room is that the lighting is designed more for drama and design than it is to create usable illumination.  I had to move my suitcase to the sofa so I could place it in a small pool of light.

Two-Way glass window into bath/shower

Earlier I mentioned the mirrored wall inside the shower.  Surprise! It is a one-way mirror!  When you turn the lights off in the bedroom you can see into the shower...  Kinda sexy...  Unlike other rooms I've seen like this, The Cromwell has no curtain or blind available to hide this view.

View from room #526 at Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

This room offered a bit of a view out over Flamingo Road South towards Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.  Window was well insulated for sound.

Rooftop Pool at the Cromwell Hotel

During the day the rooftop of The Cromwell is a beautiful pool for hotel guests.  After dark the rooftop becomes home to Drai’s Beach Club / nightclub.  Note that bathers are required to walk through the public casino to access the pool!

Drai's Beach Club / Nightclub on the roof of The Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

A massive glass wall opens combining the dance floor with the pool area.  This is a modern with modern sound and lighting effects systems.  Another underground lounge, Drai's After Hours, is just that, underground below the 1st floor casino.

Coffee service available on each floor.

The hotel offers guests refreshments on each floor at the elevators. 

Gym at Cromwell Hotel

A small, well equipped gym located on the ground floor near the main desk is available for guests.  

Casino/Lobby Bar at Cromwell Hotel

Unlike the big resorts with lots of bars and lounges, The Cromwell has one lounge inside the casino and another just off the entrance.  NOTE: I received one night's free accommodation from this hotel.

Giada Italian Restaurant in Cromwell Hotel

On the second floor, looking out over the Strip, is GIADA Italian restaurant.  This is the first restaurant opened by Emmy-Award winning celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis.  Reservations are suggested.  Stools at the bar are often available for walk-ins.  But if you can't get a table, it is nice to know that the in-room dining at The Cromwell is supplied by GIADA.  

Casino of the Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

The casino is on the first floor, and is modern and luxurious.  They participate in the Total Rewards program.  My personal experience in the casino was mixed.  After playing for awhile, I came out pretty much even.  I consider myself lucky when that happens in Vegas.  For more info visit The Cromwell website.

The Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, Exterior

If you want a comfortable Las Vegas vacation at a small boutique hotel, The Cromwell could be just what you are looking for.  It is in a great location along the strip, and has an edge on other properties due to it's branded nightlife.  It should be noted that this small property doesn't have a theater or spa.