Have Your Dream Vacation at Palazzo Terranova in Perugia, Italy

The Palazzo Terranova in Perugia Italy
Few things seem as luxurious and romantic as a European vacation, especially in Italy. However, it is not always the best idea to opt for the busy cities such as Rome or Milan, especially if you are looking for a more rustic and laid back feel for your trip. The city of Perugia, for instance, is quite promising. For one thing, it is well known for chocolate as the home of the famous Baci. It is also a reasonable distance from other major cities you might want to visit, such as Florence or Rome.

View from hotel
Of course, to enjoy your vacation, you must have suitable accommodations. Palazzo Terranova is probably the best option you have if you really want to enjoy your stay to the fullest. It has been cited by a number of travel guides for its luxurious accommodations, amenities, and great service.

Guest room at the Palazzo Terranova.
There is nothing ordinary about the accommodations at Palazzo Terranova. For one thing, no two rooms are alike. Each of the lavishly-appointed rooms is named after either an opera or a character from one. As such, every room has a distinct feel.  If you book in advance, you might just be able to get the perfect room for your needs. La Boheme, for example, has its own Jacuzzi and is specially-designed for couples. For bigger groups, families, or those who want more space and privacy, there are a couple of villas as well.

Hotel Pool
Palazzo Terranova has its own fitness center where you can go for an energizing workout. You can even hire the services of a personal trainer if you wish, or simply engage in other fitness activities, such as pilates or aqua fitness. On the other hand, you can also choose to do some laps in the swimming pool which offers the added benefit of a spectacular view. Visit hotel website.

After all that exertion, you can go back to relaxing with the help of Palazzo Terranova’s spa treatments. It offers almost anything necessary to make you feel pampered, from regular salon services to more exquisite olive oil and massage therapies.

Wedding at Palazzo Terranova.
Palazzo Terranova is definitely an ideal location for a wedding. With the lovely view, secluded location, and beautiful furnishings, it offers just the right combination of elements for a perfect romantic event. Whether you are planning to do the wedding elsewhere and bring the reception to the hotel, or prefer to have both in the same location, this 18th century villa is sure to provide the proper ambiance.

Dinning at the hotel.
Of course, no reception can be perfect without great food. Palazzo Terranova makes use of the best local ingredients to come up with sumptuous dishes. As for the rest of the event, you need not worry because the hotel has its own team which will carry out the wedding plans to the last detail. This will definitely make for a stress-free and romantic event which all of your guests will always remember.

There is certainly no room for boredom at Palazzo Terranova, because aside from the captivating surroundings, you can also find interest in learning more about the food you are being served. Cooking classes are offered all year, whether to individuals or groups. You will be able to return home with more than just memories of Italy, because you will be able to recreate the experience by making the local dishes over and over!

Palazzo Terranova cooking class.

If you don’t want to cook but certainly want to taste, then perhaps you can opt for a wine tour instead. The great thing about this is that it is not just about tasting the wine but also understanding the process of making it, as well as exploring the vineyards and gardens. It will definitely prove to be a fascinating experience.

If you’re lucky and you happen to book during the right season, you can even go on a truffle and porcini hunt with the hunters. In fact, there is a special two-night package for this which will allow you to have a taste of these valuable mushrooms.

Whether you are alone, with a special someone, or with family or friends, staying at Palazzo Terranova guarantees that your vacation will be a special and unforgettable one. After all, there is nothing left to chance as Palazzo pulls out all the stops to provide a complete experience for its guests. Photos provided by hotel.

Hotel Bernini Bristol — Italy's Luxury Accommodation in Rome

When it comes to cities with both a rich history and a naturally romantic atmosphere, very few can come close to Rome and the Hotel Bernini Bristol. It isn’t just Italy’s capital—it’s also where the Roman Empire was founded and where you can find the Vatican State, the smallest country in the world. From its numerous ancient artifacts to the artworks and architectural masterpieces, Rome is one of the cities that you simply must visit within your lifetime.

The Bernini Bristol Hotel of Rome Italy
If you do go and visit Rome, stay in a hotel that’s true to what Rome stands for—Hotel Bernini Bristol. Built in the latter part of the 17th century, it now enjoys the prestige of being one of the most opulent hotels in the city. It is strategically located near many of Rome’s famous attractions, such as Villa Borghese and the Fountain of Trevi, and has been made more famous by its mention in the Dan Brown bestselling novel Angels and Demons.

Hotel Bernini Bristol guest room with modern decor.
Believe it or not, even with its rich history, staying at the Hotel Bernini Bristol does not translate into dated living arrangements. You can either choose a hotel room that reflects your modern tastes, or prefer something that has a more classic feel to it. No matter which room you choose, you’ll be sure to have an amazing view of the city.

Bernini Bristol Suite
If you want to take your experience in Rome a step further, you can choose to stay at the Presidential Suite. Aside from having a spacious terrace, you are also treated to the kind of luxury that you won’t always find in other five-star hotels.  Visit their website.

Hotel offers suites terraces.

A Jacuzzi and Turkish Bath are there to ease your stress away. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your suite to get a good workout, as the necessary facilities are already provided. You can also stay as connected as you need to be with a complete entertainment system, phone line, and Internet access.

Bernini Bristol Dining Room
With all of the dining options you have around the city, you might still choose to wine and dine at the hotel for your convenience. However, you will soon find out that you do not need to compromise taste, as there are quite a number of sumptuous choices for you to enjoy, aside from having a magnificent view if you choose to take your meals at the hotel’s summer terrace.

Bernini Bristol Gym
If, after a day or so of exploring the city, you find the need for some pampering, the Hotel Bernini Bristol will not disappoint either. All you have to do is book an appointment at the Wellness Center and enjoy a good soak in the Jacuzzi or release some toxins at the sauna. You can also avail of massage services if you so desire. After all, you might as well go all the way if you intend to have an experience of a lifetime in Rome! More on visiting Rome.

Classic Guest Room Decor
While it is true that staying at Hotel Bernini Bristol is considered a special treat, it does not mean that having a special experience has to be out of reach. You will be able to find a package that will fit your preferences and needs, depending on the season.

If you also want to stay a bit longer, you can also benefit from the hotel’s three-night promo. If you’re a honeymooner, you can also avail of special packages to make your stay even more memorable. To find out about the best package for your desired dates, simply get in touch with the hotel personnel.

Meeting room at the Hotel.
The Hotel Bernini Bristol, however, is not just a place for tourists, honeymooners, and people seeking leisure. It is also an excellent venue for businesspeople to get together for meetings, seminars, and other similar gatherings.

Aside from the fact that staying at the hotel already provides great motivation for participants, the Hotel Bernini Bristol is actually well-equipped and able to handle various types of professional gatherings. There are seven different rooms to choose from, depending on the participant count, as well as ample audio-visual equipment to ensure that you have the tools to make your event a success.

Bernini Bristol Rooftop Terrace
The Hotel Bernini Bristol is certainly an ordinary hotel. Coupled with its location, the hotel does make an excellent choice for your next big event in Rome. Photos provided by property.

Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal, Venice Italy

A lot of people consider Venice one of their luxury travel destinations. This Italian city has a lot to offer aside from its romantic and timeless gondola rides on the canals, and for those who want to make their trip more memorable, staying in Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal is highly recommended.

The Hotel Carlton In Venice Italy
Overlooking a stretch of water with a view of magnificent structures, Hotel Carlton is uniquely situated. Its strategic location ensures that a visitor’s visual feast does not stop when the day ends. A look out the window at night will give a view of the Grand Canal lighted up with thousands of reflections from the palaces and other buildings lined up along its banks.

Managed for over 30 years by a highly experienced Venetian family, Hotel Carlton has a beautiful interior with Venetian stuccoes and Murano-made glass wall lamps. Some of the rooms have a view of the internal courtyard typical to Italy, and guests can use this patio for breakfast or as a lounge to relax in.

The hotel had also renovated its 150 rooms in 2001 to incorporate an eighteenth-century Venetian design with all the advantages of modern facilities, including internet connection. There is a fully-equipped function room as well for meetings and conferences that can accommodate up to 60 people. Hotel Website

Hotel Carlton also organizes guests’ excursions, from tours to the islands in the lagoon, to gondola rides within the city. Other services they offer include entry to the casino free of charge, baggage surveillance, restaurant, theater and concert tickets booking, and for those who have kids, even babysitting services.

Night photo of Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal Venice
Among the many things that Hotel Carlton offers its guests are its special packages. One that is ongoing until December 2011 is the Food and Wine Packages which invite guests to take pleasure in Italy’s unique wining and dining experience. There are traditional dishes being offered, as well as a variety of wines to choose from.

The Culture Packages, on the other hand, ensure that visitors will have a stress-free vacation in Venice by arranging package tours within the city. With numerous options available—from arts appreciation, to history and culture, one can decide which aspect of Venice to see first. From a walking tour of the Piazza San Marco to exploration of the Doge’s Palace, the Correr Museum, and the Moors’ Clock Tower, Hotel Carlton does all the arrangement for the guest’s convenience.

There is something for visitors traveling as a family as well. The Family Packages, which run until December 2012, ensure that both adults and children will find Venice enjoyable. From exploring labyrinths to visiting the natural history museum, guests will have a choice on which treat to give their children.

Hotel Carlton also offers the Valentine’s Day Special for guests who want to have the most romantic night of their lives in Venice.

What makes the packages unique is the expertise of the people arranging it. With 30 years’ experience in managing the hotel, and being locals themselves, the owners of Hotel Carlton make sure that their guests will only have the best that their city can offer.

Gondola in front of the Hotel Carlton in Venice.
How to Get to Hotel Carlton

The hotel is conveniently located and easily accessible from any arrival point in Venice. It has a private water taxi landing which all guests can use. Guests who prefer to take the bus, the train, or a private car can also reach the hotel within a few minutes’ walk.  Photos from Hotel Carlton website.

A well-deserved vacation in Italy may indeed be a dream come true for most people, but staying in Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal in Venice is already an experience in itself.  Photos provided by the property.