The Best of Asian Luxury at Banyan Tree, Hangzhou, China

When one thinks of China, the usual cities – Macau, Shanghai, and Beijing – usually come to mind. However, this does not mean that there aren’t other choices for the choosy traveler. In fact, some of the less popular cities also have their own hidden treasures. Hangzhou, for instance, which is quite close to Shanghai, is certainly worth a visit, if only for its amazing natural gifts, such as the famous West Lake.

China's Banyan Tree Hangzou Resort
During your stay in Hangzhou, the experience can only be made more amazing with accommodations at the Banyan Tree. Its location, which puts it in close proximity to the lake and downtown Hangzhou, ensures that visitors enjoy the convenience of having everything within reach. At the same time, the fact that it is situated within the Xixi National Wetland Park means that guests are in for an amazing visual treat. Anyone who wishes to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city will certainly find paradise here.

Guest room at Banyan Tree Hangzou.
The Banyan Tree houses a total of 72 suites and villas which are all elegantly designed to reflect the four seasons. Silk and intricate embroidery adorn the rooms, which can make any guest feel like royalty. The traditional design does not overwhelm, though, as contemporary elements bring balance into the rooms. Furthermore, all rooms are equipped with the comforts of modern living, such as an entertainment system, a mini safe, and a mini bar. Visit hotel website.

You can choose the perfect suite or villa depending on your preferences and space requirements. For instance, the Water View Villa, as its name suggests, gives you a view of a pond. On the other hand, the Spa JetPool Villa is ideal for those seeking to ease their tension, with access to a jet pool and the accompanying massage services.  If you need more space, then simply book the Presidential Villa which is lavishly appointed and also comes with access to an outdoor jet pool.

Banyan Tree Hangzou Spa

For a more specialized relaxation experience, the Banyan Tree Spa offers various treatments which have been derived from traditional treatments from different regions in Asia.

Of course, a getaway cannot be complete without pleasurable wining and dining experiences. The Banyan Tree offers a variety of culinary creations to suit almost every preference. One of its most well-known restaurants, the Waterlight Court, is specially located as to give guests a stunning view and offers both local and international selections.

Waterlight Court Restuarant at the Banyan Tree Hangzou resort.
Banyan Tree offers a unique and memorable experience to each guest, and the great thing is that this does not necessarily have to come at full cost. If you wish to save on vacation expenses, simply book a month or so in advance so that you can avail of their Early Bird discount. Aside from this, there are also other, more specialized packages which you can avail of depending on the time of year or purpose for your stay.

Tour of the area wetlands.
For example, if you are visiting Hangzhou with a special someone, then the Romance in Hangzhou package is your best bet. You can also avail of special packages during the summer. It is a good idea to contact the hotel in advance to see which arrangement will work best for you.

Resort Lobby
The Banyan Tree, Hangzhou is not only for individuals or couples. Large groups can also book the Banquet Hall for meetings and seminars. The necessary audiovisual equipment and other technical requirements can be provided by the hotel as long as arrangements are made in advance. The tranquility of the place can be very conducive for creative thought, and might just be the thing you and your employees need.

The Banyan Tree in Hangzhou is definitely worth experiencing. Whether you are in China for business or leisure, staying at the Banyan Tree will be a treat that you will not soon forget. Photos provided by resort.