Fewer Near-Crashes On Runways

Airplanes at airport

The FAA reports that a substantial decrease has occured in the number of of near-collisions of airliners on the ground. It could be the result of a statistical hickup or the current reduction in airtravel, but the FAA states it is most likely the result of new policies addopted in 2007. Those safety improvements included new technology, revised taxi procedures and various improvements made by the airlines and airports. Read more at the Washington Post.

United: $249 Check Bags For A Year

luggage at airport

United Airlines announced today the launch of the Premier Baggage service. The new service will allow customers to pay a flat yearly fee of $249us for the ability to check two pieced of normal sized luggage on every flight you board for one year. The fee covers the standard baggage also checked by up to eight passengers traveling on the subscribers confirmation number. Normal charge for a regular piece of luggage is $20 for the first and $30 for the second. If you fly often or are planning a long trip with a group/family the new Premier Baggage may be a money saver. For more details view the programs web site.

It is valid for travel on both United and United Express flights in the US and international flights. You must use your Mileage Plus membership number. I still think that luggage fees charged by airlines are a lot like "resort fees" it makes your original purchase price look better, but in the long run it all adds up. These fees cause after the vacation sticker shock when they view their credit card statement, adding to the average persons perception that vacationing and travel is expensive. Driving the trend toward staycations....

United Breaks Guitars

The YouTube video "United Breaks Guitars" has had over Eight Million views.... The Resolution....

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