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Super Thin RFID Travel Security ID Wallet from ALL-ETT

Allett RFID Security ID Wallet

If you are looking for a little more security while you travel this wallet from ALL-ETT may be for you.  First, it is very thin and helps reduce wallet "bulge" which might attract pick-pockets.  Second, it is manufactured with an RFID protective alloy lining, which protects cards that have chips and other electronic features.  Allett Wallets sent me a sample to evaluate.  Here are my thoughts after one month of use.


  • Very thin and lightweight.
  • RFID lining secures electronic features of cards.
  • Black Napa leather feels nice in the hand.
  • Has one quick access card window.
  • Three quick access card slots.
  • Additional wider slot for multiple cards.
  • Two bill compartments.
  • Made In USA.

Possible CONS:

  • It is very thin.  I felt like I wasn't carrying my wallet because I didn't feel it in my pocket.  I quickly got used to this.
  • Due to the thin leather and fabric lining, I wonder about long term durablity.  After one month's use, I haven't seen any obvious wear.
  • The slots for bills are deep and bills can get lost inside.  I use one slot for small denomination bills and the other for larger.  But this deeper slot allows for Euros, and it helps hide my bills from prying eyes.  The depth is also handy for receipts.
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This wallet is so thin and flexible, I had to cut it open and see what Allett Wallets calls the "RFID protective alloy lining".  In the photo below, you can see the layers that make up the exterior of the wallet.  First is the leather, then a sandwich with two layers of nylon fabric around a layer of woven metal fabric.  This metal mesh lining creates a Faraday cage that keeps radio waves from penetrating the wallet.

Foil lining in Allett RFID Security Wallet

This is just one of many thin wallets on the website.  They are all designed to be very thin and lightweight and are Made In USA.  If you found this review useful, then please support my site by purchasing this RFID Security Wallet or other Allett wallets via this link to   I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Your purchase supports future travel gadget reviews on the site.  

Thanks, Bruce MurrayOnTravel