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Palm Springs: 7 Hotels In 7 Days - Reviews & Videos

Palm Springs California City Limits sign
These Palm Springs hotel reviews are the result of overnight visits made between May 3rd to May 10th 2012.  I can easily recommend each of these boutique hotels.  They vary in price and atmosphere.  Read the reviews I'm sure you will find one that matches your vision of a desert getaway.  Video tours of each property are available on my YouTube Channel.

Five of the hotels I picked are within 1-4 blocks of the restaurants, shopping and entertainment of Downtown Palm Springs.   The Saguaro is a 5 minute drive, and the Riviera is a long walk in comfortable shoes.  No prior notice was given, and no compensation was received from these establishments.

I can also recommend the restaurants at The Saguaro and Colony Palms.

  • Day 1: Ingleside Inn - A classic desert inn with a beautiful pool.
  • Day 2: Riviera Resort & Spa - An upscale hip hotel with lots of action around the main pool.
  • Day 3: The Saguaro Hotel - A colorful hotel with basic rooms and a youthful pool atmosphere. Excellent restaurant.
  • Day 4: Casa Cody Bed & Breakfast Inn - Unique B&B with nice rooms around two pools.
  • Day 5: Avalon Hotel - Hollywood hipsters will love the pools and rooms at this trendy spot. 
  • Day 6: The Chase - Well maintained hotel with roots in the 50's.  Lovely pool & grounds, many rooms with kitchens.
  • Day 7: Colony Palms Hotel - Upscale property with beautiful rooms and pool. Excellent restaurant.