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Casa Cody B&B in Palm Springs - a 7 Hotels in 7 Days Review

Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs - a 7 Hotels in 7 Days Review

 Entrance, The Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs
It could be a box of Crayola Crayons, but no.  It is the brightly painted hotel Saguaro Palm Springs California.  The bright, whimsical nature of this hotel can be seen when you arrive. 

Saguaro Lobby Art
Not just on the exterior, but the lobby is splash of colorful geometric shapes.

Lobby staff at The Saguaro Hotel
This hotel was remodeled in early 2012 from a Holiday Inn and shows its roots as a mass market hotel.  Rooms are typical, basic hotel rooms in shape, but in style/design that is another story.  Read more at the Saguaro website.

Saguaro Room #372
Rooms are an eclectic mix of retro, modern & Mexican furnishings.  Splashed with a bright colors and 50's art.  An iPod dock-able clock radio, with the wrong time, is bedside to amplify your playlist. 

Table and Chairs
HDTV and a few books and magazines focusing on art and design.  An old antique Kodak Brownie box camera adds a stylish touch.

Bathroom at The Saguaro
Bath is basic with great towels and basic amenities.  No hair dryer, but an iron & board are stashed in the closet.  The Saguaro provides nice bathrobes. 

Closet with Coffee, Safe, Frig
Half of the original closet has been converted into storage for a small and quiet refrigerator containing a few for sale items with plenty of room for your own beverages.  A safe and coffee maker also inhabit this area.

Guest room at The Saguaro Palm Springs
Air conditioning has been upgraded to a "split" system".  It works well and is quiet if you open the thermostat and turn fan down to the low setting.  These split systems are used often in remodels, but in this case, the noisy part of the system, the compressor has been placed on your balcony.  Turning up the room temp will cause your compressor to turn off, but all your neighbors may be running.  Causing a constant hummmmm and little tranquility to enjoy the early morning or evening desert air from your balcony.

Pool at The Saguaro
Most of the hotels rooms look in toward the pool area, which had a decidedly young lively vibe on the weekend I visited.  Some rooms have balconies with mountain views rather than pool views. 

Street side rooms
It should be noted that these rooms look out over two streets, one is the busy East Palm Canyon Drive, the other is the more residential South Sunrise Way.  View with Google Maps.

Crowd at the Saguaro Pool
The pool is small but lively.  Grab a lounger early.  Water misters surround the area and create a man-made breeze cooling sunbathers.  A small bar with staff working the the pool area will bring food and drinks. 

Lawn area near pool
Nearby, just outside the pool area, are some green grassy spots for you to lay out a towel and enjoy the sun.  Nice if the pool is crowded, or you just want to get away from all the action.

Saguaro Pool
Storage in the room is limited.  Half of the original closet is used by the refrigerator, coffee machine, and safe, hanging space could be tight.  A small dresser is provided.  But this is Palm Springs, you shouldn't need much.  A luggage stand is provided making it easier to live out of your suitcase.  Bed was very comfortable.

No matter how hard they work at it, and The Saguaro is no different, hoteliers just can't get the support of technology right.  Electrical outlets are critical!!  The outlets found on the base of the modern desk lamp are positioned such that my iPad charger won't easily fit without rocking the lamp forward.  Another of my chargers requires me to prop the lamp up with a book.  Other outlets are available, but they are blocked by furniture.  I hate having chargers plugged into odd outlets around a hotel room.  I'm always concerned I will leave them behind.  I could use the outlets in the bath, but I've always been told that water and electricity do not mix well.

Pool view rooms
At 2:43 I discovered that the walls are a bit thin.  My neighbors decided to bring the party back to their room, music, laughter and loud conversation continued for a half hour or so.  Just as I began to consider calling the front desk it must have stopped...I think....I went back to sleep. 

Saguaro Tinto Restaurant
A limited room service menu is available.  The only restaurant on the property is the excellent Tinto.  A Spanish influenced fine dining experience.  I made a meal of just eating serveral wonderful appetizers.  Across the street, easy walking distance, from The Saguaro are several reputable casual dining options, a grocery store and shopping.  A small bar is just off the lobby.  For nightlife, visitors will need to drive into Palm Springs or one of the other neighboring desert communities.

Desert moon rises over the pool at The Saguaro
Other than a metal clipboard with three pages of room service information, no info about the hotel was provided in the room.  Not even a guide to hotel services!  Pool information?  When is checkout time??  I had to call to find out it is normally 12 noon, but while on the phone they offered me a 3pm checkout.  Along the same vein, no emergency evacuation plan/map is provided on the back of the door or anywhere in the room.  In this world of easy legal litigation, I'm surprised the hotels insurance company doesn't require some emergency info.

Cool colorful paint job at the Saguaro Palm Springs
I enjoyed my stay at The Saguaro Hotel.  It was a little far from downtown Palm Springs for me, but if that isn't an issue for you then I think you would enjoy it also.  Having a great restaurant like Tinto in the Saguaro made it much more interesting.  Note that during the weekend the pool is a desert oasis for the young and young at heart and maybe not the best spot for families.