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Renovations aboard the M/S Paul Gauguin

m/s Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship

As cruise ships go the m/s Paul Gauguin is unique, not just that for the past fourteen years it has cruised the same Tahitian waters, but it was one of the first small luxury cruise ships. I was pleased to read that the ship had just completed a significant renovation. Having cruised on her not long after her original christening my memories were of a sparkling new ship with deep, dark woods and shinny fixtures. Over the years her ownership has changed, as has the paint on her stack, but it is good to hear she is back in all her splendor.

Renovations were completed during a recent 11 day dry dock in Australia. Extensive work was done to both the interior and exterior of the ship. The Gauguin's cabins and public spaces were all enhanced during this $7 million upgrade.  For more details visit the PGCruises website.

With her exotic ports-of-call, this ship is still a favorite for romantics. I suggest a few days in Papeete before boarding to get caught up with the time zone change. Over the years, "arrive early" this been the one suggestion I always hear from ships staffs, especially in far flung locals such as this.

Pamela Ford with Black Pearl necklace.
Memories flood back from that cruise 13 years ago with my girlfriend who would later become my Wife. In one of the little island shops I bought her a Tahitian black pearl. For several years that black pearl graced her neck from around a chain, it then moved to a custom setting on her finger. She enjoyed that pearl for 13 years, but sadly the ring now graces her daughters hand. Last year ovarian cancer took my beautiful wife Pamela Ford at the age of 50.

Seeing the press release on the m/s Paul Gauguin renovation took me back to my photo archives and the memories of what was the perfect start to a fantastic life together.... And the reoccurring question I had for Pamela after every cruise since...."was it as nice at the Paul Gauguin?"... The answer was always "No"....

Pamela Ford, 1960-2011 & m/s Paul Gauguin
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