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Fountains Of Bellagio Expand Playlist

A visit to the Las Vegas Strip would not be complete without a stop at the front of the Bellagio hotel to watch the amazing "Fountains Of Bellagio" bring water, light, and music to life. 

The "Fountains Of Bellagio" in Las Vegas, Nevada.
With the recent addition of three new songs, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean, ” The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and the big band hit, Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood", the reasons to spend part of your Vegas vacation at the Bellagio have increased.  For more fountain info click here.

Tom & Casey get engaged at the fountain in front of the Bellagio.
During a recent visit I met Tom Hoover and Casey Anderson from Nashville Tennessee.  Tom had seen the fountains before but Tom's then girlfriend Casey hadn't.  I say "then girlfriend" because Tom had picked that evening at the Bellagio fountain to propose to Casey, now his fiancée.  Tom knew that the fountains would make for a perfect romantic moment.  

Groups often visit the "family friendly" fountain entertainment.
Looking not for romance, but a bit of family friendly entertainment I met a group of Brigham Young University students who were in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.  The Chaperone for this group of young men thought the fountains would be the "best free and clean entertainment" they could find.  Many of the guys had never seen the Fountains Of Bellagio before and afterward they were impressed.  As computer engineers they were impressed at the way the music, lights, and water fountains were in perfect sync. 

Behind the scenes the Fountains are a massive maze of pipes and pumps that every night light up the Strip.  And it isn't just the lights & water it is the wonderful music.  The Bellagio and WET Design (the creative minds behind the fountains) have gone to great efforts to provide an acoustic experience as powerful as the visual one.  The sidewalk viewing areas are equipped with multiple speakers that deliver impressive sound.

Bellagio fountains water streams form star designs.
With the expansion of the music playlist the Fountains Of Bellagio remain a Las Vegas "must see".  While at the hotel take a few minutes between fountain performances and visit the Bellagio Lobby, check out the impressive chandelier by world renowned sculptor Dale Chihuly.   While admiring the chandelier walk straight under it, at the end of the lobby you will find the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.  The living display changes but is always an beautiful combination of plants, flowers and trees.  Click Here for the latest display info.

If you find yourself in the mood for a little eye candy visit the Willie Wonka like chocolate fountain at Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie near the Conservatory.  You will find fantastic pastries and candies, a perfect snack during the next fountain performance.

View of the "Fountains Of Bellagio" from the Las Vegas Blvd sidewalk.
Also note that in January 2012 the Bellagio finished a much needed $70 million dollar room remodel.  Giving the hotel’s 2,568 rooms in its main tower a fresh & elegant work over.  Photos Copyright 2012