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Experiencing the Best of Ireland at Ballyfin

Ballyfin exterior of hotel in Ireland.
When you think of Ireland, what associations do you make? Do you think of Guinness, little green men, St. Patrick, and a distinctive way of speaking? Perhaps you should also visualize amazing mountains, incredible natural riches, and a host of historical sites. If you decide to go on vacation in Ireland, you will experience these, and such will only be made more memorable by your stay at Ballyfin.

Ballyfin is located in County Laois, and is less than two hours away from the Dublin airport. Its strategic location by the Slieve Bloom Mountains gives guests access to an amazing view and a peaceful and romantic location. The hotel has also been rightly recognized as one of the best in Ireland. It only has 15 rooms, but the property goes on for hundreds of acres. If you are looking for a great place in which you can seek refuge from the madness of city living, then this is the perfect getaway location for you.

Ballyfin guest room
Ballyfin has quite a rich history and perhaps, the best way to feel this is by staying in one of the 15 beautiful rooms. Each room possesses a distinctive character and is named accordingly. The Lady Caroline Coote Room, for example, features a rococo stucco ceiling, while The Knight’s Room, quite appropriately, comes with a small knight’s suit.

If you would like something spacious, then perhaps you should book The Viceroy’s Room, which comes with a double bathroom. You can also go for the Sir Christopher Coote Suite, which is the largest among all of the rooms.

Ballyfin Castle Indoor Pool
No matter which room you choose, you will always have something fascinating to learn about it. In fact, that’s one reason to keep returning to the Ballyfin: no two experiences will be exactly the same, although they will probably be just as pleasant.

In any case, each room has all of the basic comforts and amenities, including a mini bar which is stocked with a selection of complimentary refreshments. While you may wish to spend most of your time exploring outdoors, you can be assured that you will always be connected as you wish whenever you are in your room. After all, each has its own entertainment system and provides wireless Internet access.

Ballyfin house dinning room
To add to these pleasures, Ballyfin also takes care of satisfying your cravings. You can choose to enjoy your food indoors or outdoors, for a complete sensory experience. In fact, if you wish, you can go on a picnic anywhere within the grounds. The staff can certainly whip up a gourmet selection for you to full enjoy outdoors.

Public Room
If you are looking for an ideal venue for your business meetings or seminars, Ballyfin is definitely a good choice. The location ensures that you will get the necessary peace and quiet while also being stimulating and enjoyable enough for all participants. The staff can help you make your function successful, as they take care of all the logistical details so that you can focus on meeting your objectives.

Of course, such a stunning place as this makes for a great venue for romance. The Ballyfin staff can take care of all of your wedding requirements. In fact, it is also possible to have the entire house reserved for the benefit of your guests. This will make your wedding celebration truly special and personal – just as it should be. You can choose from either the dining rooms or the Gold Room, depending on the number of guests as well as your specific preferences.

Spa services are offered.
Choosing to stay at Ballyfin can mean making the most out of your Irish vacation with minimal stress and effort. After all, there are already a host of activities you can engage in within the estate property. You may choose to catch your own dinner, for example, by going fishing.  You can even hone your archery skills or improve your aim by shooting at clay pigeons. For those who prefer more physically demanding activities, tennis, mountain biking and hiking are great options. There is, after all, an amazing variety of wildlife within the grounds.

Cap off an active day with a whiskey tasting experience or by enjoying a book by the fireplace. If you have specific requests and preferences, you can simply get in touch with the staff. They will do their best to address your requests.

Gates of Ballyfin
Vacationing somewhere new is always an exciting experience. Make sure that your Irish getaway ends up being so much more by booking at the Ballyfin.