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A Perfect Jamaican Holiday at Half Moon Resort

Jamaica is perhaps one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, and for good reason. With its beautiful beaches, mountains, commercial areas, and colorful culture, it is one of those places which serve as an all-around tourist haven.

Entrance to the Half Moon resort in Half Moon Jamaica.
You will never be at a loss for places to see and activities to do in Jamaica. The only other thing you will have to think about in order to have an amazing vacation getaway is choosing the right place to stay.

The expansive Half Moon RockResort as seen from the water.
One of the best places you can choose, especially if you intend to stay near the northern coast, is Half Moon. One of the many accommodations managed by RockResorts, its territory stretches over 400 acres. Visit the Half Moon website.

If its beautiful cottages are not enough to lure you in, the private white-sand beach on the property will definitely do it. Its two-mile stretch is perfect for those romantic strolls and relaxing naps that make vacationing simply heavenly.

Royal Villa at the Half Moon Resort in Jamaica.
There are a variety of accommodation types to choose from at the Half Moon, depending on your preference and budget. The hotel offers regular guest rooms and suites, as well as what they call the Royal Villas. Each Royal Villa has several bedrooms as well as its own private pool. You are also treated to the services of your own household staff.

However, just because you don’t need as much space does not mean that you get much less. You are sure to enjoy the comforts that Half Moon has to offer, regardless of your room type.

Guest room at Half Moon Resort.
All guest rooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with entertainment equipment. You can stay connected via telephone or Internet, or you can choose to enjoy the view from your own balcony. If you have special food and drink requests, you can even choose to send your list to the hotel beforehand so that everything can be prepared before your arrival.

Enjoy a meal at the Sugar Mill dining room.
Of course, it is not enough to sleep comfortably. Enjoying your vacation is also about dining and eating well! There are several restaurants and bars in the hotel, which guarantee exceptional dining experiences, no matter which cuisine you prefer.

Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon resort in Half Moon Jamaica.
To complete your vacation experience, you simply must relax! Fern Tree Spa, Half Moon’s in-house relaxation center, offers a wide array of servicers which make use of traditional Caribbean techniques together with their very own brand of pampering.

The hotel also offers a variety of packages that are bound to make the vacation experience unforgettable without going over-the-top in terms of expense. For instance, the Half Moon Plan offers all of the usual comforts together with airport transfers for maximum convenience.

Their beautiful golf course.
If you want much more for a special occasion or getaway, though, you can avail of the Ultimate in Luxury Package. This comes with access to golf courses as well as special activities like sailing and windsurfing.

There is certainly something for everyone, whether you are a golf enthusiast or a spa addict. This will make your stay at Half Moon truly personal and unforgettable.

Resort can arrange sailing and other activities.
You won’t need to worry about what to do in Jamaica, because the hotel can take care of your itinerary for you. You can engage in so many fun activities, from making friends with the dolphins to doing water sports, and even horseback riding. The Caribbean staff will be more than happy to assist you!

Pool overlooking the beach at Half Moon resort.
Half Moon gives environmentally-aware guests an additional reason to stay, as the RockResorts group promotes environmentally-friendly practices. It seeks to provide what it calls “eco-conscious luxury.”

For many people, vacationing in Jamaica is a dream that is yet to come true. Why not make the dream even more fantastic as you make it a reality by choosing the Half Moon? Photos provided by resort.