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World Of Color at Disney California Adventure


Summers big hit is Disney’s water and fire show called “World of Color” at the Anaheim Disney Resort, California Adventure.   The 26-minute musical  attraction opened this summer and after five years of planning,  is exceeding expectations.  However, one must plan and be strategic to actually see the show.


Paradise Lagoon was transformed over the past few years and visitors could peek in the construction barriers and see the hundreds of jets being installed in the concrete lagoon.  Completed this summer, the newest attraction is drawing big crowds.


Just like the magnificent water attraction at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the walls of water are powerful and mesmerizing at California Adventure theme park.  The big difference at “World of Color” is the incorporation of film projections on the always moving water screens that stretch 380 feet wide and 50 feet high.


Snippets of eight decades of animated Disney films are projected on the adulating water effects; capturing visitors hearts and minds.  Occasional  lasers and jets of flame punctuate the water show.

Now that masterpiece is completed and open,  what is the best strategy to see the show?  We learned before we went that there are some unique planning elements to undertake so we would not be disappointed.

We checked out the options for the show on the Disney web site.  Our friends had attended a few days before our visit and told us that park employees told them the “Fast Pass” tickets were all given in the morning!  So we knew we had to develop a plan.


Our strategy, as season pass holders, was to arrive first thing in the morning, get in line for the park, then get in line for the Fast Pass, then go home and return that evening.  Our strategy worked and we ended up in the Orange section.  We arrived one hour before our seating time, got seated on the cement and relaxed with a cappuccino; while reading some magazine articles we had brought with us.


We also learned from the web site that there were other options for seating such as dinner and tickets or picnic and tickets.    One really has to plan ahead to see the show and not be disappointed. There is an option to watch the show from the back, although many of the images may be unclear—just bursts of color.

Disney_world_of_color_dance_1  Disney_world_of_color_dance_2 

After the show (we saw the early show)  we headed to the Hollywood back lot area of the park and found the street filled with all ages dancing and having fun.  The park had bars set up, serving two drink maximums.  The Vibe area was refreshing and reminded me of a street fair!  Checking the web Disney web site,  I cannot find a mention of the attraction—so it may be seasonal.  All costs were paid for

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