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Additional Photos Of The Pacsafe Bag

Two months ago I reviewed the security features built into Pacsafe Bags. Since then I have received several emails with questions. Here are additional photos of the security mesh built into these impressive bags from Pacsafe. You can read my original Pacsafe Bags Review here.

 Pacsafe Bags Security Mesh Photo

Above you can see inside the bag after I sliced open the green fabric that covers the front of the bag. The security mesh wraps up from the bottom covering the front of the bag.

Pacsafe Bags Security Mesh Photo

Here I cut away the thin white fabric that covers the security mesh. You can see the wire and the metal connector that binds the loops of wire together increasing its strength.

Pacsafe Bags Security Mesh Photo

The back of the bag is made of several layers of fabric. On this specific bag it consists of 4 layers that were easy to cut. Since this side of the bag is designed to be against your body a security mesh isn't needed. Also any items that were in the storage pocket on the backside of the bag would make it tougher to cut.

Pacsafe Bags Security Mesh Photo

The sides of this Pacsafe Bag are also reinforced with a metal security mesh. This area has very little exposure but it is also well protected.

Pacsafe Bags Security Strap Photo

Here is a close-up shot of the strap with the fabric covering cut away from the security wire. I was unable to cut this strap with a large heavy knife. I also tried cutting it with a pair of wire cutters from my tool box. I suspect the only thing that would cut this cable would be a pair of heavy duty lineman pliers. And even with those you would have to cut each wire separately.

This same security mesh is used throughout the Pacsafe line of travel bags, backpacks and other items. When traveling I can't imagine another product that would provide a higher level of utility and security.