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US Airline Delays Improve

 U.S. Airlines on-time arrivals have improved. A reduced number of flights due to less people traveling may be resulting in airport increased airport efficiency. Every month this year, the airlines improved their on-time arrival performance, except March. The Transportation Department reported that 80.5% of the flights operated by the 19 largest airlines arrived on time in May, compared to 79% during the same time last year. Another thought reported by an aviation consultant is that airlines have lengthened the estimated flight times, making it easier to have an on time arrival. The best May arrival time average is Hawaiian Airlines at 90.3%, the worst is Comair at 71%, a regional carrier owned by Delta. One has to consider the routes of the carriers too; some being more predictable than others. The Transportation Department also noted improvements in tarmac delays, mishandled baggage, customer complaints and cancellations.