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A Visit to Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona California

Corona, California is not the hot spot of luxury spa hotels, but there is an oasis off the freeway that hosts a spa experience that the most discerning spa aficionado will enjoy. Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, 25000 Glen Ivy Road, Corona, CA 92883, is close to Los Angels and Orange County, has unique spa attractions and is an experience you won't want to miss. Photos Provided By Glen Ivy Hot Springs

 As you enter the property, you will experience the lush foliage, exotic palms and ferns and abundant flowers. Check in with guest services and obtain a guest information guide to plan your activities. As you walk on to the property, you will release how big the resort is. There is much to explore so plan for a full day. You can also book traditional spa services, massages, body treatments and skin care services to compliment the public spa attractions. Book in advance or take your chances and try for same day treatments at the Glen Ivy Spa.

The first stop is the Bath House which was recently remodeled. Here, you'll find all the amenities in a hotel spa resort including showers, hot tubs and steam saunas. You should plan to bring an older bathing suit because some of the treatments may cause your swim suit to discolor. And, because most of the spa attractions are out doors and co-ed, you must were a swim suit to experience them.

The resort is famous for their thermal, natural Mineral Baths. There are several out door community baths to soak in, allowing the minerals to absorb into the skin and the warm water to relax the body. Reminder, these are community baths so if you are squeamish about public Jacuzzis, you may not like the Glen Ivy experience. There are 19 pools and spas through out the resort and you can easily find a less crowed area. The mineral baths attract the most people and therefore, are the most crowded.

The next popular outdoor attraction at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa is the Red Clay Mud Bath. Here, you enter a designated area, rub the therapeutic red clay all over your body, relax, bake in the sun; and then rub it off producing an exfoliation affect all over the body. Finally, there are hot, outdoor showers with fragrant shower gel to rinse off the remaining mud. You are left with soft skin and the clay will have drawn out the impurities in your body.

At this point, you may head back to your car and enjoy a pre-packed picnic tailgate style or go to Cafe Sole and enjoy a selection of Mediterranean style salads, pizzas and pastas. The lounge pool is perfect for after lunch. There are rafts to lie on and enjoy the tranquility of the resort. And then at 2 pm, when you just can't take any more relaxation, head over to the lap pool for 45 minutes of water aerobics.

The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort is best experienced with a group of friends or family members. The last event of the day should be to experience the body moisturizing treatment call the Grotto. The is a group activity where you are escorted down an elevator, an attendant paints the moisturizing body mask on you and then, your group enters a cave like large room where you rest and let the treatment soak in for at least 10 minutes. Then, your group is escorted to warm showers, followed by crisp apples and warm tea. It's a beneficial body treatment, fun to experience as a couple or in a group and worth the $25 charge. If someone in you group is elderly or has trouble getting around, I wouldn't recommend this experience because it's dark in the cave, the moistening mask could be slippery and the sitting areas in the grotto are rough.

Location: The Glen Ivy Hot Springs is located off the Interstate 15 Freeway, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Los Angeles and 30 minutes from Orange County. It's open daily at 9:30 AM and closes at either 5 PM or 6 PM, depending on the hot or cold seasons. The Glen Ivy Hot Springs is full service day resort; so plan to spend the entire day there. It's best to plan your visit on a weekday to avoid the crowds and save money on admission. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays $48 per person and Monday thru Friday $35 per person.

Must do: - Mineral Baths - Red Clay Mud Experience - Float on a raft - Water Aerobics - The Grotto Experience

Special things: - Free admission on your birthday - Private Cabanas and Terraces available for rent for 2 people to 100 people - warm season prices are from $175 to $2000 - perfect for a celebration. - 15% off if you are a Corona resident or city employee, senior citizen (over 55) military, police, firefighter, teacher or a nurse.