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TRAVEL TIP: Send It To Your Phone.

Here is a travel tip for you. I Sent this text message below to my cell phone before a recent flight to Honolulu.


9/10 Delta 1465

D: 8:25 am LAX

A: 11:05 am HNL

9/15 Delta 1464

D: 12:35 pm HNL

A: 9:10 pm LAX

This info came from my confirmation email when I booked my flight.  I had to reduce it to be less then 160 characters so that I could send it to my cell phone via SMS. If you have a smart phone you could also email the text to your phone.

In addition to the flight info I sent my hotel address and info, and my rental car confirmation number in seperate msgs.  All the info that I needed when I was arriving in Honolulu, info I needed to have handy.  Rather than digging through my briefcase and looking for paperwork I just pulledl out my phone.