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Spa Olakino an Affordable Spa in Waikiki

Hi_spa_olakino3 Spa Olakino is located at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki in the Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. As the wife of the great MurrayOnTravel I'm a spa buff and seek out spa treatments whenever possible. I would suggest you may want to book a treatment here.

The Spa Olakino is managed by the Paul Brown companies, a local salon in Honolulu. There is definitely a "local style" happening at this one is in a big hurry....and that's not a bad thing when you are in spa mode!  The services and prices make up for any lassitude at the front counter.

The greatest feature about the Spa Olakino is the quiet area. Lava rock, island flowers and an eye level view of Waikiki Beach will captivate you as you relax and wait for you treatment. This lounge area has 8 or so comfy chases, a full tea service and plenty of fashion magazines. Plan to hang out here - it's a peaceful place overlooking the turquoise water and you don't have to put on sun screen.

The sitting area is fabulous and I could stay there all day, however, the shower, bathroom area is not up to par with other spas. Perhaps that is why the Spa Olakino describes itself as a "boutique spa". There is only one shower, two bathroom stalls and one sink and a tiny area to undress. You won't have much privacy in this area; however, over the years I've been to this spa 3 times and rarely see more than one or two people at a time.

The Spa Olakino features a Magic Island Massage, 80 minutes for $160, body wraps with pure Hawaiian spirulina, 75 minutes include 25 minutes LomiLomi massage for $155 and Papaya Pineapple facial, 60 minutes for $130.

If these prices are too much for your budget, then you have to check out the Early Bird and Night Owl spa specials! Great treatments for great prices! The Early Bird Specials will suit you well because you will probably be waking up at 5:30 am because of the time change; take advantage of it. I had a 25 minute scalp massage and a 25 minute mini facial for about $100. The specials are from 8 am to 10 am or 8 pm to 9 pm everyday.

Each treatment room is decorated with a Hawaii theme. For example, lava rock walls, stone sinks and a dark decor adorn each room. All spa treatments incorporate Hawaiian-influenced products and there is a small boutique to shop for products. I have never been "sold" to after a treatment and I like that about the Spa Olakino. The last thing I want is to be pressured to buy a mud pack after a relaxing, expensive spa experience.

The Spa Olakino also offers full Salon services at reasonable prices.

Online at: Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort, 2552 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815 - Telephone: 808.924.2121