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Pride Of America Cruises Hawaii

Pride of America Cruise Ship Arrival

I've been writing about the problems that Norwegian Cruise Lines has had operating ships in the Hawaiian Islands since the first ship arrived in the islands in July 2004. You would think that cruising and Hawaii would be a match made in paradise, but it hasn't been.

Over the years NCL has had four different ships working the islands, today only one remains, the Pride Of America.  The other ships have been relocated and renamed the Pride Of Aloha is now the Norwegian Sky and is sailing three- and four-night Bahamas cruises out of Miami.

I've cruised on several of the ships, but I've written mostly about my interviews of exiting passengers.  I lived for four years not far from Honolulu Harbor and started to despise my weekend trips to greet the arriving passengers.

 It wasn't easy.  Especially later in the morning as I would start to meet cruisers waiting to board the ship just after have interviewed angry exiting passengers. During my recent trip to Honolulu I decided to stop by the harbor again and see what passengers had to say.  The Pride Of America no longer arrives at the beautiful Aloha Tower complex but at Pier 2.

You can read my comments about the Pride Of America cruise ship. Photo Copyright Bruce Murray.