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Website Review: PickPackGo

cottagePlenty of vacation rental websites are available online, but has made it easier than most to locate a place that meets your needs. 

If you've ever tried to find a holiday rental you'll usually ended up searching for a location on Google and then sifting through several different websites that cover a specific region.  PickPackGo has consolidated thousands of rentals across the United States into their site.

This site is much more user-friendly than others and makes the reservation process pretty easy.  The clean simple layout of each property page make evaluating and comparing rentals very easy.

Felix Lin, PickPackGo CEO, indicates the site will soon allow confirmed guests of properties to comment on their experiences. He also stated that the site now represents over 70,000 rentals in the US (45%) and abroad (55%).

I have not personally used the system but it seems pretty solid. Check it out at