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Missed Your Flight: Pay Big Bucks

airplane iconRead a recent article where a couple flying from Los Angeles to Rome who got cornered into paying $10,000 as their discount tickets went bad. The American Airlines flight they took from LAX to New York was delayed and the couple missed their Alitalia flight for Rome.

Due to a lack of communication/partnerships between American and Alitalia they were forced into purchasing one-way seats only to discover after arriving in Rome that their non-refundable return tickets had been voided when they missed their NYC to Rome flight. They then had to purchase return flights.

How do you avoid such disasters?

- Find and use a good travel agent.

- Buy trip insurance.

- Book with airline alliance partners.  When a partner sells you a seat on another partner airline they are responsible for resolving problems.

- Fly Non-Stop and avoid congested airports.  And if your trip involves a scheduled cruise or tour, plan on arriving a day early.