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Luggage Tag Update

Time to check your luggage tags.  Not just that your luggage has them, but that the information on them is correct.  And in today's age of  identification theft you may want to consider changing some of the current information.

Reduce the personal info.  First use your first initial, B. Murray, rather than Bruce Murray.  Second use your cell phone number rather than your home number, and maybe add your email address.  Third, use an address other than your home address.  Rather than telling baggage handlers that your out of town, you can use your work address and phone number, or better yet your your travel agents address and phone.  Who better than your travel agent to help you reconnect with your luggage.

If your address is held in a protective sleeve with a transparent window place your name and cell number so it can be easily seen through the window, but place other info on the back side of the paper.  My luggage tags say "B and P Murray / Over for contact info".  This requires that someone place some effort into getting to your address.

And for extended trips don't forget to place a piece of paper inside your luggage with your home contact info, and your trip itinerary.  NOTE: You should also add luggage tags to your carry-on luggage.