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Newseum: Depression And "News" Museum

Washington DC is full of monuments to the past.  Now you can add one more.  The NEWSEUM, a massive $450 million salute to a depressing industry that says they don't make the news, just report it.  The 25,000 square feet of space occupies a location on Pennsylvania Avenue that would lead you to believe the museums developers, the Freedom Forum, think they belong shoulder to shoulder with our powerful government.  Or maybe it indicates just how close these two institutions really are.

Newseum Washington DC
Photo Provided by Newseum.

Unlike many of the free museums and monuments that surround it, the Newseum charges a depressing $20 entrance fee.  It's not unlike the blindness the news media suffers from today, with vast numbers of free sources of information on the web they continue to collect cash for chopped down trees and ink.

I would make this one of my last stops, or my first if you have already seen all of what Washington DC has to offer.  The Newseum does have some interesting historical artifacts and interesting depressing displays.  But for me it shows how screwed up this industry is. What's next?  The Petroseum?

You may enjoyed the display of history captured on the front pages of newspapers from 1545 to today. The 911 gallery video, given from the reporters point of view, was also very powerful, teary eyed viewers will find tissues are provided. If you visit, I'd suggest you not skip the introduction movie on the first floor, before going to the 4D Movie as I did. Who wouldn't want to see "4D" right away, but the orientation presentation is helpful.

It is also important to remember that this place is a bit sad and depressing. If it bleeds it leads. And that is mostly what you see here. It may really bring you down.

For more check your local paper go to your library.... Or click here.