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So What is a Hotel Concierge?

Recently while lounging in the lobby of the Ahwahnee HotelI watched the Concierge desk and was surprised at how few guests asked the gentleman behind the desk any questions....  Plenty of folks walked by, could all of them know exactly what they were doing?  Some of them looked kinda lost, and in need of some assistance.  Maybe they don't know what a Concierge is for.

The Concierge can make reservations for you, give you suggestions and recommendation's for restaurants, shows and other activities.  They can help you plan special events, make travel plans, and help you with about anything a guest might need.  Need a babysitter?  Did you leave something at home?  Ask your hotels Concierge for assistance.

Now they can't do everything for you.  They can't help you with anything that might be considered immoral or illegal.  

Don't for get to tip your Concierge!  If they helped you, or tried to help you, they should be rewarded.

Concierges have their own professional association the Le Clefs d'Or, aka "The Golden Keys".  Members wear gold keys on their lapels.  In order to become a member the applicant must take verbal and written tests, have five years of hotel experience, three years as a front desk concierge, and get two active members to sponsor them.