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Five Tips To A Healthy Trip

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Having a healthy vacation starts before your leave.  You may have purchased travel insurance and received the needed vaccinations.  But here are a few more tips.

  • Take a small first-aid kit.  You can make one yourself, or purchase a small one off the shelf.  Your kit will be dependent on quality of health care at your destination.  I have purchased several kits made by Adventure Medical Kits.  They offer kits based on the number of people, type of activities and you destination areas.  I add items specifically based on my own expected activities.
  • See your dentist before you leave.  This will help you avoid any unexpected emergencies.
  • When exercising, take it easy.  Don't over do it before or during your trip.  This includes lugging your luggage around while traveling to your destination. 
  • Bring copies of your prescriptions, extra glasses or contact lenses.
  • In countries that have questionable water stay away from cold salads, street vendor food, ice, tap water uncooked meats, fresh milk, unpeeled fruit, and seafood.  Use only boiled water or treated water and beverages in sealed bottles.