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Travel Gadget: Hoo-Ahhs Pre-Moistened Field Towels



With time things change...and Hoo-Ahhsare definitely a change.  Almost everyone is aware of Wet Ones hand wipes.  They have been around since I was a kid and were standard issue for any picnic or camping trip. 


But for me Wet Oneswere never really big enough, especially when my hands were dirty.  And when used before eating they had a strong smell that lingered during my meal.  By comparison Hoo-Ahhs are huge 7 x 10 inches, Wet Ones measure in at 5 x 7.5.  Hoo-Ahhs are also alcohol free, unscented and don't have a sticky feeling after use.

From the design of the packaging you can see that Hoo-Ahhs have a military bent.  They were developed by an ex-supply sergeant and another military buddy who noticed that many of there fellow soldiers were using baby wipes.


Recently on a trip to Italy at a sidewalk cafe, before the pizza arrived, Mrs. MurrayOnTravel compared an Hoo-Ahhs against a Wet Ones and preferred the larger size.  The guys at Hoo-Ahhs recently sent me a bunch of samples for this review, but I've been using Hoo-Ahhs for several years on the shooting range where a "manly" sized towel is great to have.

I've been using the single packs, but they also make a larger mult-pack that contains 20 7x10 inch towels in a handy resealable package.  See link below from to purchase the multi-packs.  I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced on-line outlet for the individually packaged towels. Hoo-Ahhs Website